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    – SINCE 1988 –

Fábrica de Calçado da Mata, was founded in 1988, and specializes in high quality men´s footwear, producing now around 700 pairs per day, with the help of 80 collaborators.
The company produces 3 types of constructions: cemented, stitch down (flexible) and boat shoes.

The “savoir faire” of the company is based on many years of experience acquired by its entrepreneurs, providing a global service of quality, which begins with the conception and development of the product, in a constant and systematic connection with clients and suppliers, with the goal to create a collection according to the trends of each season , and in conformity with the realistic commercial market of its clients, not forgetting the most important factor: the best quality for value.

Special attention is also given to all of the relevant information of the clients, from the samples phase to the final expedition.

The strategy of the company is to present its  own collection, under the respective brands “Mata” and “Men’s Devotion”, to retail chain stores (which in fact is the biggest client of MATA) and  producing under a private label, at the choice of the Client. When requested, Fábrica de Calçado da Mata also provides all the required support  developing different products, as well as customizing details like the shoe box, tissue paper, shoe horn, amongst others.

At the moment the company exports 95% of its production in the following markets: Portugal, Spain, France, Belgium, United Kingdom, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Holland, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, United States of America and South Africa.

Each collection presents and incorporates the latest commercial trends, along with the concept developed by the company, based on the continuous search of new raw materials, in partnership with its international suppliers, where the final expectations of the client are always considered, as the CLIENT is the motivating force and constant focus at Fábrica de Calçado da Mata.

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